Introducing MagicQuest

A magical way for your organization to serve clients and raise funds in these difficult times:

Jeff McBride - MagicQuest:

A Magical Adventure!


MagicQuest is a virtual experience that tells the story of master magician Jeff's McBride's lifelong odyssey in search of real magic. It is highly interactive, deeply involving and inspirational -- and it is accessible from anywhere there is an internet connection.


For 40 years, McBride has been on a personal quest to discover the secrets of real magic. During his travels, he has collected exotic artifacts, performance pieces and magical legends from five continents. You'll witness the impossible: interactive illusions, world-class sleight of hand, mime, Kabuki theater -- and more in this enchanting experience.

The Reviews Have Been Fabulous!

"One of the greatest teachers in the history of magic. He'll share an important story - his own."

- David Copperfield


"Fantastic Virtual Experience!! Superb!"

 - Mat Franco, USA America's Got Talent winner


 "The most beautiful magic show that I've seen in a long time."

- Adrian Lacroix, Argentina's Master Magician


"What an experience and a privilege to dive into the life of the Grand-Master!"

- Andrew Lee, Malaysia Asia’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent semi finalist



McBride is a winner on "Penn and Teller's Fool Us." The Magic Castle's Academy of Magical Arts has named McBride "Magician of the Year." McBride has set three Guinness World Records.



Here's what the press has said about Jeff McBride:


"He wields the primordial weapons of the magician -- the wand, chalice and sword. He wrestles with titanic unseen forces. He does not do rabbits."

- The New York Times


"A conjuror of genius"

- The London Times


"McBride, with sleeves pushed up, extrudes card after card from the air. Cards sprout from every fingertip like cabalistic tentacles, then pour from his mouth, as if a full deck had been sequestered inside his cheeks."

- The New Yorker


"McBride is...light years ahead of the pack."

- Las Vegas Review Journal



VIP ticket holders will attend the After-party where guests share quality time with Jeff McBride to experience inspiring behind-the-scenes stories, ask questions and learn a bit of magic they can perform for themselves!


VIP bonus gifts & extras - our MAGIC TREASURE CHEST

Each VIP guest will receive a unique Master Key to open an on line archive of rare videos, photos & Jeff McBride memorabilia, including a video of Jeff's full evening stage show ABRACADAZZLE and other rare video footage! An extraordinary value never previously offered.


Virtual Tarot Reading

Each VIP guest will get a secret link to find their "lucky magic card" and get a virtual tarot reading.


The VIP package is an incredible value and a great way to spend extra special time with one of the great magicians of our time. You will have a magical memory that will last forever.

Now your group can present

Jeff McBride - MagicQuest as a special "end of the pandemic" fund-raiser, or as a unique way to reward your audiences or employees.

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Introducing MagicQuest
Introducing MagicQuest
Introducing MagicQuest
Introducing MagicQuest
Introducing MagicQuest
Introducing MagicQuest
Introducing MagicQuest